Harris County Municipal Utility District 285

For water and sewer services, as well as billing inquiries, contact:

Municipal District Services

for emergencies,
call MDS at

Trash collection services are provided by:

Best Trash

for service issues,
call Best Trash at
281 313-2378

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Harris County Municipal Utility District 285 was created on January 8, 1986. The district services an area of approximately 1,227.4 acres of land in northeast Houston, Texas. District 285 is one of the fastest growing municipal utility districts in Harris County due to the strong residential housing market.

It is the responsibility of the district's elected board of directors, our consultants and service providers that the to the district is readily available. In addition to our record for providing quality customer service, we are also committed to maintaining the quality of the water supply, offering reliable service and quality responses, maintaining the integrity and safety of the sewer system, controlling the tax base within acceptable and responsible limits and ensuring a healthy financial growth and stability of the district and those it services.

As our water customer, we invite you to access this website for information about our water services and related issues of interest, and trust that you will find it a helpful resource should you have any billing or repair questions.

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